We make sure:
1. Suitability of the fresh shotcrete
mixture design for the intended use.

2. Proposed mixture will produce
the required strength and any other specified
hardened shotcrete properties.

3. Proved ability of the nozzlemans
(and blowpipe operator) to place
dense, homogeneous shotcrete completely
encasing the reinforcing steel under field
4. Desired surface finish is achieved.

SLI Shotcrete can provide you with:

• Good track record of shooting pools with all shotcrete methods

• Pools we have completed using different types of shotcrete method.

• We can provide a list of past completed jobs.

• How we plan to incorporate the trimmed concrete into the shell.

• What concrete mix design we will use.

• Also we specialize in all types of surfaces.

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• Highest Level of Craftsmanship
• On Scheduled projects
• Experience
• Reliability
• Quality


Commercial job at W Hotel were verry sucsesful, from beginning to finish every aspect worked at very smoothly.

Residential Job at 565 Forest Drive, Marietta GA. Very dificult job but thanks to our experient staff we were able to overcome all dificulties.